Monday, September 8, 2008


We got a flyer from the library about a new show on PBS called Sid the Science Kid. TS though it looked cool and wanted to check it out. Since TV is limited at our house I knew he was serious we he traded his 30 minute block of TV normally reserved for Super Why or FETCH!

So, we catch the first show and are blown away. TS was impressed that:

  1. This kid asks as many questions as he does.
  2. This kid has the coolest songs. (Such as “My Mom is Cool” rap or the “Science Kid is in the House.”)
  3. Sid’s class only has FOUR kids in the class that are in TS “Are special, different and not trying to be like each other.”
  4. The coolest teacher on the planet Ms. Susie.
  5. Sid’s friend Gerald is very much like TS. They describe him as “The perfect run-on sentence to describe Gerald would be: "Total instant gratification - boundless boy energy - raises his hand on every question even if he doesn't know the answer - gotta do it right now!"”

Today we learned for Sid about observing using our hands, eyes, ears and nose. TS spent the day writing observation in his journal.

That is right folks TS voluntarily wrote in his daily journal and drew pictures! Before Sid, this was a fight that I had given up on and just let him dictate his entries. Today he picked up his journal by himself and drew and wrote his “observations.” Then he asked if he could decorate his journal with his picture and some of Sid and team. You have never seen a mom run for the printer and glue so fast.

I am writing a big “Thank You” to PBS and The Jim Henson Company tonight.

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Daniele said...

thanks for the heads up on this, sounds really cool. my kids would enjoy!