Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Homeschool The Very Social Only Child

Today was a great day. I actually stayed at home. Normally we do work in the mornings, have lunch and are out the door from 1pm until about 4pm. This leads to rushed dinner preparations, piles of unwashed dishes, undone chores and inconsistent quiet times. Logic would dictate that I stay home, but I am praying through Super Social Singleton guilt. I felt like I had to get him in the presence other children everyday.

Some may ask “So why not send him to public school?” Because he is not a public school kid, he has been blessed with a curiosity, energy and intellect that does not thrive in a public school environment. He is his best in a homeschool environment, after much prayer, we know that to be the truth.

I was not an only child, far from it in fact. I grew up with a sibling, a younger cousin who lived with us most of the summers and enough first cousins within walking distance to put the Duggers to shame. I use to hide in my bedroom closet on the phone just to have a private conversation. I do not really understand the only child life style. TS is so social that he wants to see kids other kids every hour or every day. We do not have many kids his age in the immediate neighborhood and most of his other Singleton friends are school kids or recently got new siblings. (That is has brought on a major case of sibling desires.)

However, I cannot successful homeschool in a chaotic household. Therefore, after much prayer I have instituted “Home Days”. These are the days we bless our house (dust, sweep, fold), do the experiments and just enjoy each other.

After three weeks, I feel less rushed and so does he. We are making progress on learning; schoolwork, self care skills, discipline and enjoying each other. It makes the other 3-4 days that we go out a lot less hectic and more relaxed because we have things done at home. Plus the weekends are jammed with birthday parties, kid concerts, church and friends.

Today we took an hour walk together, just observing (TS’s new word for Sid The Science Kid).

We saw ducks, turtle, geese, tadpoles, leaves, funny rocks and cranes. It is great to slow down and enjoy homeschooling my only child.


Julie said...

My son is also super social. I like to get out and about, too. Usually I "bless" our home (clean it) on Monday mornings (meal plan Sunday night)- then we're free to roam the rest of the week.

Karin Katherine said...

I always find it ironic that "others" perception of children who are homeschooled is that they have no friends, are shy, don't interact with others and that their parents like to keep them locked inside the house all day or something.

There is nothing further from the truth...and I always point out I was a public AND private school kid who was incredibly shy.

All of my children are extremely outgoing.

Like you, I cannot homeschool in chaos. With four kids that cannot always be avoided though!
; 0 )