Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hurricanes and Humbleness

Last week central Texas was hot and the usually stoic Texans were very anxious because of Hurricane Ike. We knew he was out there but did not know where God would place him because it was changing by the minute. By Thursday public school were schedule for early release, University of Texas cancelled its big football game, co-op activities were cancelled and people were scrambling for safe harbor. Our lives would change, but to what degree and when was unknown.

We waited and prayed for those in the path of this storm.

Earlier in the week, I was so caught up in lesson plans not going as plan, financial issues and providing social outlets for TS. It all seem so daunting until you look into the sky and see the awesome power of nature.

Our city was spared but as a nation and state, we will be feeling the effects of Ike for a long time.

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tina said...

Praying with you for those affected by Ike. We may move back to Central Texas in the coming year :)