Sunday, September 21, 2008

Five In A Row (FIAR) Rowing Week 1: Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel

Leaning and labeling the parts of a steam shovel (HSS) and FIAR Science Section 47

Mike Mulligan Math Homeschool Share (HSS)
Building Numbers (Hardcover)

Introduction to Lapbooking and Notebooking

Social Studies
FIAR Social Section pg 43

Language Arts
FIAR pg 45

Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel, for narrator & symphony orchestra London Philharmonic Orchestra

FIAR-BS pg 14

Read Alouds

Fieldtrip or Outings
There is so much construction in our area we were able to visit several construction sights and take pictures of the machines doing there jobs. We are go back to three sites once a week to take pictures of their progress. So we get to see a building built from ground clearing to completion.

Fine Motor Activity
Using sand toys to dig a square “neat and clean” as Mike and Mary Anne. Drawing shapes in the sand with fingers and scooping with spoons.

Lapbook Resources

Key Learnings (forgive the phrase it is a throw back from work)

  • The music CD gave the experience a new dimension and prevented bored since we just read this book earlier in the year.
  • The music CD was educational because it taught us about the parts of an orchestra.
  • The theme song has become a household favorite.
  • We also learned why the composer chose the certain instruments to convey specific feelings.
  • Explored the concept of stewardship.
  • TS found that he loved lapbooking and chose one to present at our Orators club.

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Gina said...

(a) Did that idiot spam your blog in comments?! Moron.

(b) Back to the post at hand.... This idea of lapbooking intrigues me. I need to do more research on this and would love to see some first-hand, talk to moms who've done this. I need to go back and research your info on FIAR to see what this is about, too. :) I'm about to add Art to E's homeschooling. She loves crafty things and I thought letting her create a scrapbook would be ideal. And thank the Lord she is expressing more interest in reading and is trying to sound out words in some books we've recently gotten!