Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Row, row, row books

Okay we are officially Rowing….Five In a Row (FIAR) that is. So far so good for both student and teacher. I thought going in that reading the same story five days in a row would be rough, but good classics seem to hold a special appeal. The additional resource books help shore up his interest in the main book. We are a month into the program and nothing but good things so far. In addition, I have been incorporating music and Lego building based on the book we are reading. This provides us with an opportunity to move and use our hands while rowing. We are learning a lot.

At the beginning of each book I give him the option of notebooking, journaling or lapbooking our quest. So far, lapbooking has won out every time. TS has become addicted to lapbooks, because he says he can find everything he learned in one place. I am surprised how much he has taken to the method. He is even cutting and gluing without a fuss.

Here are the books we are rowing this Fall:




Mike Mulligan


Papa Piccolo


Harold and the Purple Crayon

Pumpkin Free

A Pair of Red Clogs

Grandfather's Journey

The Glorious Flight

If I Ran For President



Space Shuttle

Make Way For Ducklings

How To Make An Apple Pie

Digital FIAR-Christmas

Cranberry Thanksgiving

Digital FIAR-Birthday


(Holiday Vacation)

Not all of these titles are FIAR, but I now have enough time to develop at least a couple of unit studies to address specific issues and fieldtrips this fall.

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I'm so glad you're loving your new curriculum. We've been trying our hand at lapbooking and my kids are enjoying it.

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