Sunday, August 31, 2008

2008-2009 Homeschool Toolbox

First let us start with what we are using this year and why.

Main Curriculum (Language Arts, Music, Art and Science)
This year we are using Five in A Row (FIAR) and Five in a Row Christian Character Bible Study Supplement as our major Homeschool curriculum. FIAR is a unit-study approach to early education based on outstanding children's literature. We chose this program because our auditory and kinesthetic learner will all benefit from Five in a Row's variety of lessons and activities.

Handwriting Curriculum
We are sticking with Handwriting Without Tears (HWOT). It worked really well last year with the preschool module called “Get Set For School”. TS was getting frustrated just writing letters because he can read so I ordered both Kindergarten and First Grade for this fall. That way we can start working on the letter then the First Grade book and work on associated words.

Music and Art Curriculum
We are scheduled to take an Art class at the local fine arts Homeschool academy and we are looking for a drum class. To supplement that I am using “What Your Kindergartner Needs to Know: Preparing Your Child for a Lifetime of Learning” by E.D. Jr Hirsch which has a good section on both music and art. This book is a nice resource to a unit study but I would not use it as the “be all, end all” of what your kindergartner needs to know.

The local symphony has monthly educational concerts and locally we have kid friendly music venues, which we will take advantage of with our Homeschool co-op.

We were scheduled to us Horizons Math, however after the first week this workbook method is not working for us. Math-U-See was soundly rejected..”Ughh Mom”. So, I right now I am looking for a free online kindergarten math program. If I cannot find a one I will order Progress in Mathematics, which was recommended by an education specialist.

Reading Comprehension
TS, much like his father and I, is a natural reader. I have never used a flash card, phonics program or computer program. I did his evaluation and he reads on a third grade level but comprehension on first grade level. We are going to focus on comprehension and phonic rules.

We will use Nanci Bell’s Visualizing and Verbalizing For Language Comprehension and Thinking
® Program and for phonics review.

Physical Education
We are enrolled in a Superfriends Homeschool P.E. class and the YMCA offers a Homeschool PE for Kindy on Fridays.


  • Monthly Orators Club and Playgroup
  • Weekly Readers Club and Park Day
  • Weekly Boys Playgroup/Social Group
  • Monthly Boys Nature Club


Daniele said...

blessings as you go forth! It always feels good to have a plan written down, thanks for sharing yours.

Sadie said...

We've loved HWT too. The woodpieces esp help with seeing the letter formation.

I am not using a curric for my K for math. Most of it is basic number skills....I have a lot of bookmarked sites to pull from and as long as you cover counting, beginning adding/subtraction, money, time, measuring etc...We have some various workbooks but use hands on mostly. I also made them a K-math skill Lapbook to use.

Sheri said...

Wow! Looks like a gret plan for the year! Our math plan for K looks like Sadies (in the comments)

Carletta said...

Sounds like you have a great year planned. Love your new look!