Friday, September 12, 2008

Science with Sid: Reversible Change

This week our friend Sid the Science Kid discussed Reversible Change or in kindergarten speak: “Why does my popsicle melt?” TS was transfixed the entire 30 minutes and then wanted to do the experiment ASAP. Do I have time for learning? You bet!

So off to the dining room table or as Sid calls his area The Super Fab Lab. Setting up and conducting the first half of the experiment took less than 10 minutes. The instructions for this experiment can be found by clicking here Sid’s Frozen Fruit Experiment. The hardest part of the entire experiment was the kindergartener running to frig, opening the door and asking constantly: “Is it ready yet?”

The frozen fruit

The melting fruit aka “Great Snack”

TS had a great time, rave about the cool snack he made and he voluntarily wrote it in his journal. THANK YOU SID!

New Words Defined




Reversible Change

New Method: Observations
When you used your eyes, nose, hands and taste (if Mommy says it okay) to get information or learn about a thing.

(Now if I can just get the little “Looking for My Friend” tune out of my head.)


tina said...

LOL. My ds would have also been checking every 5 minutes :D He STILL loves freezing things & watching them melt- mainly Legos :P

Karin Katherine said...

Okay, we have to do this. I did not know about Sid the Science Kid----or Science with Sid---whatever it is! LOL

Looks like fun.
We LOVE science over here.