Sunday, January 30, 2011

Snowschooling 2011 Day 2

A quiet walk to the library.

A big hill and friends provides hours of fun.

A frozen pond and science observation.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Snowschooling 2011 Day 1

Recently a friend asked my son "What do you do on a snow day?" His bemused reply was "Have school in the snow." Since we have moved north I try to incorporate snow days into our school plans. Last year we had a blast discovering the joys of snow. It was a challenge with 40 plus inches of snow of the ground and Dad for constant company for week but it was one of the best weeks of last school year. So in Ironhides mind it is just the nature of things to include weather, national events or moving into what we are learning.

Secretly I have been yearning for snow days just to slow down the pace of life. We have been on a head long rush since December with plays, concerts, play dates, parties, holidays, visitors, birthdays and classes. I love the quiet of life that accompanies more than six inches of snow. In this area six inches seems to be the magic number between "Oh, it going to snow" and "Close everything down it is going to snow."

Well last week we got full out DC Snow panic with 10 plus inches of snow during rush hour. It was a dangerous time to travel and the wet heavy snow left thousands without power.

We watched as our driveway go from this

to this in just under 5 hours.

We learned a lot that night about preparing for emergencies and directed prayer. Daddy arrived home safe after 6 plus hours.