Wednesday, November 21, 2012

QOTD:Why do Christians use the Fish symbol?

Ichthus / Fish Christian Symbol 

 The Definition and Meaning of the Ichthus / Fish as a Catholic Christian Symbol Catholic Christian symbolism in art provides a clear graphic illustration which represents people or items of religious significance. 

What is the definition and the meaning of the Ichthus / Fish symbol?
 Ichthus is the Greek word for fish (ΙΧΘΥΣ). The initials of the word Ichthus are also used as a Christian acronym of the following 

Greek words: 
S=Soter (Savior) 

Using the Ichthus acronym IChThUS means "Jesus Christ, God's Son, Savior"

Christians also use to draw one half in the sand and if the person completed it you knew they were a Christian.  It was a way to safely ID a fellow believer.


Sunday, November 18, 2012

October Field Trip:Theodore Roosevelt Island National Memorial

A hidden treasure in the middle of the city of Washington DC is Theodore Roosevelt Island National Memorial.  We have read about this island for three years but thought it was hidden up river from the city.  Little did we know we have been driving over it.

The island is :
"Theodore Roosevelt Island is a 91-acre wilderness preserve that serves as a memorial to the nation's 26th president, honoring his contributions to conservation of public lands for forests, national parks, wildlife and bird refuges, and monuments. Theodore Roosevelt Island has 2 1/2 miles of foot trails where you can observe a variety of flora and fauna. A 17-foot bronze statue of Roosevelt stands in the center of the island. There are two fountains and four 21-foot granite tablets inscribed with tenets of Roosevelt’s conservation philosophy. This is a great place to enjoy nature and get away from the busy pace of downtown."

 Arranged in an arc behind the Roosevelt statue are four panels with his quotes on four themes: Youth, Manhood, State, and Nature.

We spent a beautiful day exploring the island and lunching nearby reading Teddy Roosevelt and the treasure of Ursa Major / adapted by Ronald Kidd ; illustrated by Ard Hoyt.
Teddy Roosevelt and the Treasure of Ursa Major