Saturday, June 25, 2011

Used Book Sale Gold

This week we attended our local library's used book sale. It was a home educators dream with three gyms full of used books and a free book for every kid attending the event. Last year I did not find this sale until late into day one. This year I grabbed some of the ladies and we where there when the doors opened on a bright sunny morning.

Being a veteran of homeschool conferences and book sales I brought along my trusty bright orange suitcase. I fear it was bulging after just twenty minutes.

Can you guess how many books I shoved into this beauty?

I was very selective because we still have curriculum to buy for next school year but we got most of our wish list.

  • 26 Magic Tree House Books
  • Usborne Reference Books
  • a raw cookbook
  • CM book

So we got 64 books for $49.00!

Happy Homeschooler!

Friday, June 3, 2011