Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring Has Sprung

March 20th was the official first day of spring. Here in the Lone Star state we never have a real winter where everything dies off, spring is just high allergy alert season. Do not get me wrong it is beautiful with the wildflowers and the eighty-degree days. However, when you have a child with reactive airway asthma that is triggered by almost every plant, tree and grass known to man, spring is not greeted with open arms. In fact, the last three spring seasons have meant doctors, midnight ER runs and lots of medication. God seems to moving differently this season and with a little planning, we are enjoying this spring.

How do you keep the five year old inside during allergy season. You do not and you really do not want to deal with energy level of a kid who feels trapped inside.

So how do play outside with a kindergartener with severe allergies?

Again, the great benefit of homeschooling is setting your own schedule. To lessen chances of allergic reactions, we go to the park in the morning or late afternoon when pollen is higher in the sky, or on cloudy or cool days when it is not as prevalent. I also check for daily accurate reports.

After we come back in from playing, we change clothing, saline his nose and bath. We also keep his hair cut low so we do not worry about trapped pollen from rolling (he is a boy after all) in the grass.
I know God created this beautiful world to enjoy.

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