Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Cookie Sounds Good About Now

I read this blog article called "If You Give A Homeschool Mom A cookie" at and could so identify with it.

TS has lead me to learn some very interesting things during this adventure and homeschooling allows us to go deep into a subject. Like who knew how to say” why" in five different languages.


Por Que - Spanish
Perché- Italian

Pour quoi - French

Warum - German

Last Fall I bought the Wondertime magazine and found an insert that had variety of tree leaves with pictures and fun facts.

We cut them out and pasted them (working with different medium) into our own construction paper (fall colors of course) and then used the single hole punch to make binder holes (working a fine motor control).

Then as we traveled through our week we kept and eye out for the types of leaves in our book (observation skills).

As we found them, we collected them and taped them into our book (science with magnifying glass and learning how to use tape as well as matching).

We learned about the different variety of trees in our area (all of which we are both allergic) and that leaves in your pocket make a crunching sound when you walk. Mommy learned to check those pockets for acorn and leaves before doing laundry.

Cost of Magazine: $2.50
Cost of construction paper: $1.00
Cost of Leaves: $0
Cost of tape: $.50

Time Spent Exploring Nature with TS :PRICELESS


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