Saturday, March 15, 2008

Language Lab Part 1

We have been working on expanding our understanding the meaning of words. Most kindergartners’ have about 2,000 word vocabulary according to our Pediatrician but truly understand about half of the words they use daily. Through social situations (talking to peers, teachers and parents) they gain more working knowledge of words.

When you have an early reader, it is essential that additional context be given to the language they read and use through directed language assistance.

HUH? Simply put help them color their world with words.

We started with the basics: Sweet and Sour

I started with what is sweet. I gave him sugar and a gingerbread cookie man. TS loved this assignment.

Me: What do you taste?
TS: Feels good and yummy.
Me: What you are tasting is called sweet.
TS: Sugarery ….it makes my mouth smile.

He then proceeded to name other things that were sweet and how they tasted different but the same sweet taste.

Then we explored with what is sour. I gave him a lemon and a pickle.

TS: Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
Me: What do you taste?
TS: HMMMM…taste hard…almost likes its biting my mouth.
Me: What you are tasting is called sour.
TS: Ughhhh.

Boy did he have a list of sour, including Auntie Pat’s cooking. LOL!

Next step was showing how sweet and sour can come together and make something good. Lemonade, his favorite drink.

We also talked a lot about colors and textures, giving more definition to everyday objects. The positive side is he is more descriptive when talking about things. The downside is sometimes too descriptive. “Mom, the turkey meatloaf feels rubbery and grainy and smells like kale.” Sometimes a simple “No thanks it is yucky” will do.
Be Blessed

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Carletta said...

LOL! You will have to work on those descriptions a bit before he goes off and gets married.

What a neat exercise!