Wednesday, March 12, 2008

At A Google Loss

Bare with me this is my first attempt at blogging. I have read many interesting and witty blogs of in the last two years. During daily moments, I haven often thought of witty, thought provoking and intelligent entries. However, as I sit down to write this my very first blog entry, I am at a loss. Seriously, the National Anthem is playing in my mind and all the channels are off the air.

Why again am I putting my virtual self out here? What do I have to say that is different? Is anybody going to read this? It has been years since I have had to sit down and put together coherent thoughts passed a grocery list or lesson plan. Are my grammar skills still intact?

Then I remember what my first college English professor told me…”Write what you know and how you really feel. Real writing is not about the technical it is about the feeling. You can edit the grammar but you can’t fake the feeling.” So, I shall begin with what brought me here.

When I first started searching for resources for homeschooling an only child, I did not find a lot of information in blog form. There were the standouts like
Milk and Cookies as well as One Child Policy Homeschool. All of which are great sites but I was looking for more…

Being a technical person, I wanted the details. I wanted to know what does a day with only one child look like. How do I give a preschool/kindergarten child that important opportunity of peer play? How do a encourage skills like listening, sharing and cooperation?

Also as an African American (AA) homeschooler, it is hard to find cultural support for the singleton journey. The vast majority of AA homeschoolers have more than one child. Several online support groups have provided great advice but most are geared toward multiple children.
This is a place where I share what we are doing and how we go about doing it. This blog is a work in progress much like our journey. It will change as we grow. We are a work in progress...

Be Blessed

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