Sunday, March 16, 2008

Only when homeschooling........

Only when homeschooling can a five year old create his own prehistoric world.

After reading My Big Dinosaur Book, My First Dinosaur Board Book and Saturday Night at the Dinosaur Stomp TS requested a to go digging for Dinosaurs at the local Dino Pit. Since it was raining, I had to get creative. TS really wanted to be a paleontologist, so we decided to make our own Dino Dig. I searched the handy dandy craft closet (I have got to stop watching Blues Clues) and found the following:

  • A small bucket of dinosaurs bought at Target last September during clearance for less than $1

  • A bag of Crayola playsand

  • An empty flat plastic sweater box. (Since I decluttered I have many empty plastic containers.)

  • A plastic table cover leftover from his last birthday party

Instant Dino Dig

This provided almost 3 hours of play and learning. He (without any prompting) also wrote the names of each dinosaur in the sand which is one activity recommended by HWTS.

Somehow, the dump trucks ended up in Dino World to which he explained was just his way of "using my creativity."

Let us recap:
· He used his problem solving skills to help create a new activity
· He practiced handwriting
· He practiced spelling
· He worked fine motor skills
· He learned a lot about dinosaurs like their eating habits and size

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Sister P said...

Great creativity Mom! I never heard the term WAHM. I guess I am too. I own a publishing company (newspaper, radio show, and other things) and homeschool my only daughter who is 3.5. I'll be by from time to time. Feel free to visit and comment on my totally random blog anytime!