Monday, October 26, 2009

The Week In Review: October Week 2

We are in our second month of using Sue Patrick's Workbox System. We love this system. Using this system I can plan work that is challenging followed by something fun and met all our milestones. It also keeps me from running too far off track with something "oh just for fun".

This week we finished FIAR Mr. Gumpy's Motorcar. I finally stopped calling it Mr. Grumpy's about day three. Ironhide liked the book and his officially review was "It wasn't Glorious Flight but it was OK."

  • Workbooks: We learned about constants and vowels.
  • Horizons Math: Completed double digit math and graphing experiments. We choose to document Slinky and Steps.
  • Art: In art co-op we studied Monet.
  • Music: We discussed Vivaldi's Spring Concerto.
  • Science: In co-op we discuss Creation and the Sun.
  • Cool Science: We completed a Mad Science flask experiment of explosion. Thanks Chick-fil-a for the cools kids meal science tools.

Baking Soda+Vinegar+Lime Jello= Gooey Slimcano

  • Fieldtrip: Our co-op got to visit the Capital and received tickets to the Congressional Gallery. That my friends is a separate blog.

Well those are the highlights.

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