Monday, October 12, 2009

Back Online and Waaaaaay Behind

Well after a four week vacation from Laptop Land we are back with my new baby….The Dell 15.

Isn't she pretty? I promise to treat her right. No more late night sleepy chats. No more drinking while chatting and using palm rests as a drink holder. I know better, but bad habits are easy to acquire but hard to break. I thank God for the computer limited time over the last four weeks. I got a lot of things done WITH my son and not AT my son. I was able to take the time to look at my environment and start turn it into home. I discovered the lost art of handwriting. When you write things it seems more personal, more of a commitment.

With that said I have a lot to catch up on but I will do it slowly. Plus I have to figure out how get an online gig to pay off this new system. (I do not like debt.)

More coming…..


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