Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Moving Forward with Workboxes

This year we started using Sue Patrick's Workbox System. The homeschool community has been all a buzz about this system all year. I was intrigued by the system but being in the middle of the move it was not time in the spring to start this system. So during the summer I purchased the E-Book and read it in one day. This is a simple easy to institute system that appeals to my organizing nature.

So we started the first day of school with the workbox system and haven't looked back. Ironhide loves this system. He says "This is much better than the way we did school in Texas." It gives us a beginning and end to the day. It helps me keep focused on a theme and not wonder off with "just one more thing".

This is how our system works:

Since we have downsized from 3,000 sq ft to 1800 sq ft we don't have a formal classroom with have a class corner. I rearranged some of Ironhide's bedroom Pottery Barn's Kids Cubby and plastic bins from Target's $1 Spot.

After surfing the web I found great ID tags from Maureen @ Spell Out Loud to create a colorful contrast to engage our energetic student.

Now after explaining this system to Ironhide he embraced it and went right to work. The only glitches were on my side because I didn't make some of the boxes more challenging. Also I had to go back and add some physical activities that are learning again using cards from Maureen @ Spell Out Loud.

This is the results of the end of the day. I was able to pack backpacks during Ironhide's independent work for afternoon two co-ops.

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Mozer said...

Wow, this looks great! So glad the printables came in handy :)