Monday, September 14, 2009

Kid Question of The Day: Who Invented Chewing Gum?

Ironhide (TS) ask hundreds of good questions daily. There are some that just stop you in your tracks and make you think "Yeah, why is that?". So in an attempt to capture these and possibly help other inquisitive six almost seven year olds I shall document "Kid Question of the Day."

Our reference sources shall be:
Google Jr. aka SafeSearch

But for our question of the day.

Who Invented Chewing Gum?
"W.F. Semple of Mount Vernon, Ohio, patented chewing gum in 1869.
However, humans have been chewing various gums, resins and latex secretions of plants for thousands of years. Mastic gum has been chewed by Mediterranean peoples for thousands of years, and Native Americans chewed the resin from spruce trees. "


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