Saturday, September 12, 2009

Moving and Homeschooling: The Aftermath

I knew moving across country would be a difficult transitions for the whole family. However my heart breaks at how difficult it has been on Ironhide aka The Student. He said it best four months ago "Mom I have to leave everything I have known my whole life." That feeling has really starting to sink in now that school has started and he has joined his first official co-op with real homework, yet another change. He misses the constant of flow of friends into our home and the sense of security of knowing his environment. Even his parents are changing because Dad has a new job, mom is still dealing with trying to make this house feel like home and learn her way around.

So many changes in so little time for my little guy, new church, new house, new city, new climate, new doctors, new friends and it never stops. Oh and now glasses on top of everything else. Every day it is something new. I try to wrap it in the theme of an adventure but even the best thrill seeker wants to get off the ride. Even I want to say stop sometimes because I just cannot handle one more new thing. Prayer is constant during this time because we know that God is our true home, but he is only six and it is hard.

We have had a couple not so stellar weeks of behavior issues. Most can be attributed to being six and the rest I think are move related. I need prayer because I am stressed and this is just breaking my heart to discipline him almost hourly. I do mean hourly and things I have never known him to do. Last night I spent the night in prayer and reading because I am at a loss. He is a great child who is going to be a wonderfully blessed human being but how do I get him there?

As a mother of an only child I have those moments of "maybe he should go to school to met people." But as I put it in prayer I have not been shown that path. It would not solve problems but just add more confusion to the mix.

I have never shared this much before but I think this may help someone else because this is not an easy path, but it is our path.

Be Blessed


daniele @ domestic serenity said...

I am praying for you!! Moving is a difficult transition and I can understand as we've moved several times (with older children) before settling in our current location.

Be blessed in this journey, as hard as it is right now. Much grace and peace to your little guy (and to Mom & Dad). May the passing of time bring more consistency in life.

KK said...

I recommend you read Parenting with Love and Logic. It has helped me amazingly! Parenting has never been more fun!!! Know that I am praying for you.

Ann@His Grace To Me said...

Change is difficult for children, I feel for him! Your son is blessed, because you are taking his struggles to the Lord for wisdom and direction. God is good. Here's a big {{{HUG}}} for Mama!!