Sunday, December 7, 2008

We Fall Down But We Get Up

I have been trying to write this post for a week, but the demands of life have been overwhelming lately. Simply stated we are coming into to a season of great change in our home. December is always busy here with wedding anniversary, two birthdays, the holidays and guest. This year we are being forged with new challenges. We have recently discovered terminal illness among our grandparents, job and business loss among our close friends, a racist encounter with a new homeschool group, friends with children in the hospital, my personal health issues and re-working our daily living to effectively deal with the economic crisis. We trust in God’s plan for our lives however difficult it is to live it lately.

Homeschooling has suffered as a result of these responsibilities of late. The last two weeks in November we did not had daily class or got our chores done daily. Speaking of chores I haven’t seen the chore chart in weeks, I am kinda a winging it. This is equals messy house and unorganized me. Our daily schedule is completely shot because due to the above challenges we are trying to break the habit of going to be late and rising late. We are working on it. I feel drained because in less than two weeks the house will fill up again and well meaning relatives will unwittingly undermine that work. TS needs routine and structure when the schedule is in flux his behavior is ……..let’s just say not the best.

I just need to vent but really wanted to remain positive here. But homeschooling is not all plans and execute; it is teaching how to live and learn no matter what happens in life.


Ann@His Grace To Me said...

{{{{HUGS}}}} When my father died at the end of October, it seemed like our household was caught up in a tornado and just thrown across the county! I've been "skeleton schedule" homeschooling and feeling a bit guilty about it. But as you say, homeschooling is teaching life skills, and this is what life has given us to deal with.

As my aunt always reminds me, "This too will pass".


Daniele said...

Oh, I'm sending huge hugs as well! Been there before for different reasons and can understand how it feels. Be easy on yourself as life adjusts and you learn to flow with it.