Friday, November 21, 2008

Help...I need winter playdate plans?

As many of you know my child has seasonal allergies that kick off of his reactive airway asthma this time of year. We are just getting over a nasty viral infection so I have to limit his outside playtime. I am not a big fan of constantly drugging him but he is allergy/asthma meds (that is another post entirely). But the kids got to play.

Where do you play or met your friends during the allergy season or cold winter days? I don't do the local Pump and Jump places because two years ago he picked up a viral infection every time we went into these places during the winter. And that was with me completely changing his clothing and wiping him down in the car.

TS had to inventory all his toys before the holidays.


Daniele said...

boy, that is a tough one and I'm now in the same situation. My son has siblings to play with, but can you invite friends over to your home when he is better? Or is that not a possibility? I hope he feels better soon though.

Karin Katherine said...

Oh my. LOL