Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wordy Wednesday - Central Texas Snow/Ice December

During our calendar review yesterday TS predicted snow for today. I spent the better part of the morning explaining to TS that it never snows here for Christmas. He insisted that it had to snow sometime before the 25th in order to really be the Christmas season. It was 80 degrees yesterday so I was very confident in my prediction. We watched the forecast which indicated a cold front but no sleet or snow. "See no snow son."

After we put him to bed last night we heard an unfamiliar ping ping on the roof. Sleet! Seriously in Central Texas in December, unbelievable. Then flurries....

TS was thrilled when he awoke this morning. "Mom I was right. Mom I am a meteorologist! Can we make snow angels?" I have to explain why this won't work but I think my creditability is somewhat in question. :-)

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