Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Inspired Fine Motor Skills Crafts

Thanks to Jenny @ Little Acorn Treehouse, Laura @ My Montessori Journey and Carisa @ 1+1+1=1 with their wonderful holiday inspired plans we were able to keep some normalcy in our daily routine. Most of the plans I had for December FIAR were put on hold because we had issues with getting to the library due to family obligations.

Laura has great fine motor crafts which I tried to incorporate into our daily Advent type learning bags. (I found Laura from Angela @ Homeschooling the Chaotic Family.) Using information from Jenny and from a local homeschool mom of six I filled each bag with a daily lesson about something Christmas related as well as a craft. We then used Carisa's lapbook as a base for capture what we learned.

I tried to include at least two weekly fieldtrips but this became almost unmanageable because there was just so much to do in our area. I am sharing photos of some of our crafts. We have made so many crafts that we gave more than half to family and friends as gifts.

Also thank you all for you kind words of condolence. They really mean a lot. It was a very long and emotional weekend.

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Karin Katherine said...

Looking forward to seeing your scissor skills post. Great crafts. Thanks for sharing with us.