Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Our First Day of School

Our first day of school was actually last Monday. It was a rainy morning but we all awoke early ready to start the new school year. The entire family packed up for a trip to Whole Foods for a “Back to School Brunch”. Our family loves Whole Foods! Whatever towns we travel to we have to fine a Whole Foods or Trader Joes. The colors, the smells and just the energy of the place energize us. My hubby refers to it as Whole Wallet, because it is pricey but we were celebrating.

We arrive with notebook, shopping list and empty tummies. I forgot my camera so I had to go to local blogs for images. (You wouldn't believe how many local folks take pictures of our Whole Foods.)

TS informed the produce guy that today was the first day of his Homeschool, to which he replied have a great year.

We love their produce section and TS wanted to “eat the alphabet”. Therefore, we set out to find foods from A to Z.

Somehow, we ended up in the handmade chocolate bar. The lady there was supper nice and gave us a demonstration on how this beautiful fountain works.

She also explained how chocolates were made and what countries they came from for what kind of taste. Hubby was in heaven; he is the only chocolate lover in the house.

We spent about two hours roaming the store talking to the “Foodies” about where food came from, taste and listening to some great classical rock. We left under budget with full tummies, a lot of knowledge and great memories. So we loaded and setttled down for the long drive home.


Gina said...

"Whole Wallet" - teehee - I call it "Whole Paycheck" but, like you, love it!!

Daniele said...

I swoon when I see a Whole Foods!! Sounds like a fun day.