Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Super Student’s first Lapbook

After the conference, I asked the TS what did he want to do that week. The expression on his face was comical because normally I have our week planned out and present it calendar form after Monday breakfast. (I know…I know anal but I am a recovering engineering manager.) He recovered quickly to list all of his favorite things:

“After breakfast let’s do Slip N Slide, then the park and lunch date. Ohhhh call SK( aka Sidekick who is TS’s brother from another mother) so we can go to Pump N Jump, then The Big Park, then Putt Putt Golf, then a playdate with all my forever friends (I will explain his hierarchy later.), the library music show, pick up my summer reading prize with my friends and then the have my friends over for Slip N Slide. Hey, Mommmie can I please learn about Pandas? I know Kung Fu Panda’s not real but I want know about real Pandas.”

Okay first I was tired just mapping out his week of activities, not to mention getting queasy at the thought of gas prices. Then I was a little embarrassed because he has been asking about Pandas since seeing KFP but I brushed it off as movie related commercialism.

Bad Mommie. We negotiated on some of the activities and hit the Slip N Slide. Okay why do adults stop playing these games? Can you say easy fun?

So while we ate lunch I did a little Google research and found a free Panda Lapbook at Homeschool Share. I had planned to introduce the concept of lapbooking and notebooking in the Fall, but here it was free and in his interest area. We watched the video on lapbooking and he was so excited to start. So, we headed to the library for what he was calling Pandamania.

We found the book they recommended along with four other Panda related titles and spent the week learning about Pandas. We had a blast! He said he like the lapbook because all his things was in one place and he could touch what he learned and share it.


Ann@His Grace To Me said...

That's a mighty nice looking first lapbook!

Tracey, In Word Adorning said...

Hi Mom Guide, Nice lapbook, aren't they fun! Thanks for visiting my blog come back again. {{{{{HUG}}}}} stay out of that pit!

Jolanthe said...

we're working on this lapbook this week! :) My girls are loving it too!