Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Things That Make You Say...Hmmmmmmmm

So, after cleaning and playing with the things in the storage closet we found several empty Playdough containers. Because we are into recycling and I am a "Re-Purpose" junkie, I could not toss them.

However, it begs the questions “What does one do with the empty playdough containers?”


Daniele said...

I know what you mean...we can hardly throw anything away either! hmmm...paint cups, use for sorting, for collecting small items on a nature hike? whatever you do, have fun!

Melissa said...

I use them again as playdough containers by refilling them with homemade playdough or paint cups.

Green and Natural Mommy said...

I have a difficult time throwing things away too. I have been collecting yogurt containers and can't seem to stop even though I have plenty to fill a refrigerator section at the grocery store. Also, I find that cereal boxes are great for art projects (creating w/and painting on).

I agree. Make a homemade play doh, which is safer for your children. My children and I make ours from scratch using edible ingredients although I don’t encourage them to eat it. The recipe we use is extremely quick and easy. Here is the recipe http://greenandnaturalmommy.blogspot.com/2008/06/indoor-summer-fun.html and you can also see the fun they had making it.