Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mission Complete

What do you think?

So I started Saturday morning with prayer time, a quick drive for some tea with musical inspiration. I passed all the lovely yards sales and stayed focused on the goals at hand.

1. Clutter free and organized closet.

2. Spend no money organizing the closet. Re-purpose bins and boxes.

3. Bless someone else with the excess.

So I marked four large plastics bins that I already had as Trash, Sale, Donate and E-Share. Set out to work around 6am. Of course this would not be an uniterrupted job because Hubby and TS were going to be up soon and more than likely want to "Help". Which in our house means play with everything as it comes out of closet. But I prayed that my type "A" personality would just back off and enjoy their help.

I made excellant progress until about 8am, then my "helpers" demanded breakfast and to help.

Get this we had a Blast! True we didn't do it in record time but we did it as a family. I haven't had so much fun in a long time. We played with everything that came out of the closet. Get this TS actually drew with markers for an HOUR. (We will not go into how he doesn't like to draw or color.) He didn't want to stop drawing for lunch.

We found a things that we no longer need and more than enough for this school year. God is Good!

The end results were:
-Excellant family time for free on a hot day

-We were able to get rid of 9 bins

-Fill all four bins

-Predicted to make $50 from the sale bin

-Donate unused items to the Helping Hands Back to School Backpack Drive

-Have several items for an internet giveaway this week.

-I feel tons lighter and focused.

After that we just had to make an ice cream run to celebrate! Thanks for the prayers and encouragement.

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Daniele said...

wow!! that looks great! and sounds like it was a wonderful family day as well.