Friday, February 10, 2012

January Review

January In Review

In order to bring the joy back into our homeschooling journey I have switched to a six weeks on and one week field trip schedule. This allows me to plan six weeks of work and a week to be off enjoying what it means to homeschool. Also it allows me to add or alter lessons based on the progress of the pervious six weeks.

So far is it working very well because I print the weeks schedule out in advance. He knows what we have to do and I leave enough time in the schedule to follow what I call “Popcorn Subjects”. Subjects that just POP into your schooling adventure that beg to be investigated.


Co-op is going well new year we will be looking for something in the area of two or three days a week.

Bible and Character Building

January we studied the concept of Self Control with Studio 252 as well has studying his T&T AWANA book. Our memory verse for the month was .

Our big self control challenge was building a tower out of our favorite candy (gum drops) without eating them. It was fun to work together and talk about what it means to have self control.

We also talked about how to bring self control into our daily lives through prayer and practice.


We are wrapping up our study of the human body with the Digestive and Nerverous System with an introduction Genes.

Our primary resource is R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey Life program with additional information from Usborne Science Encyclopedia.

We used resources from Bill Nye as our video portion.

It was fun to discover just how long the digestive track is in the average human.

We had a lot of fun doing the bar chart of reaction time of catching a ruler.


This month we studied Mozart. Again we used Classics for kids as our resource along with books from the library and Brain Pop.

Our local classical radio station celebrates Mozart's birthday all month long playing every piece of Mozart music available. It was great to see his eyes light up as we drove around town to our different errands as he recognized a music concept or just enjoyed the music.

Next months goal is to attend an actual concert and find a percussion class.


Epic Fail on art this month. We were suppose to finish Leonardo Di vinic but art kept getting moved to the back burner. I need to find a more interactive outlet for art.


We have finally breached the walls of double borrowing and multiplication. He loves it. We are using Mammoth Math and Teaching Textbooks 4. TT is only one day a week when we have a lot of outside activities. He see it as a reward.


I decided we need to review some basic concepts of HWOT but did not want to take him back to the “ baby” books in his words. We found a good bridge in the form of HWOT's Can-Do Print. It is recommended for 5 th graders but it fits our needs and he loves the Greek and Latin elements.

Product Description:

Can-Do Print is for fifth graders or older students who prefer print to cursive, but still need practice.

  • Students receive a quick, thorough review of printing.

  • Practice pages reinforce other language arts lessons (grammar, Greek/Latin roots).

  • Printing skills are used to write paragraphs, poetry, plays, autobiographies, and thank-you notes.

So once a week we do cursive and the other days we do CDP.


This month has been a study in Roman for SOTW. He finally got his question answered about the tow children on the front of the SOTW Volume 1 book. We will be focusing more on the time in in February.

Language Arts

I finally broke down and bought Sonlight LA for Grade 3. Simply because nothing else worked and we fast approaching boredom with LA. It has some good elements but it is still not as exciting or challenging as FIAR. The components are not holding his interest and the stories either bore him or depress him.

So I will be using it as a spine and incorporating BYFIAR into our six weeks schedule.

He still loves Worldly Wise 3 and at this rate might finish it by April which is when I will begin All About Spelling.

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