Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lego Logistics: Storage and Building Project

Okay so the Lego collection had gotten a little out of hand in our house. Each time Ironhide wanted to play or build he had to spread tons of Lego into the middle of the floor. We had them in a 4 drawer container but they were so jumbled it took hours to find parts. It was not a creative environment.

Then one bright November morning I saw this lovely low cost Lego organizing system in
Family Fun Magazine.

This design could utilize the drawers we already owned and give Ironhide a proper building space for all his creations. I wanted to do this project that very weekend but the entire family came down with strep so it had to be postponed until after Thanksgiving.

When December I arrived I knew the holidays would bring more Lego sets so the entire family sat down for what we thought would be an hour of Lego sorting. We were so very wrong. This pile looks manageable in the photo but in real life this was a big job.

It took two adults sorting and one kid kinda sorting kinda building 4 HOURS to turn that pile into these six neat drawers. I have to admit it has been a long time since we sat down as a family without the TV on and just talking working on a project together. I loved every minute of it.

(Hubby's enthusiasm turned to dogged determination by the 2 hour mark and by hour 3 he was promising never to purchase another Lego. He was kidding.)

Christmas was mere days away so I only had a $25 budget for this entire project. So the next day I made my supply list and headed for the stores.

Project Materials Qty Needed Price Per Total Cost Actual Cost
Neon Green Duck Tape 3 $6.00 $18.00 $6.00
Lego 15 X 15 base plates 2 $15.00 $30.00 $0.00 We owned multiple green base plates with fit.
Sterilite 4 Drawer Storage Cart 3 $25.00 $75.00 $0.00 We already had them.
Industrial Strength Velcro 3 $4.00 $12.00 $4.00 Coupons!
Plastic Drawer Dividers 8 $5.00 $40.00 $0.00 I made my own with leftover presentation board and Duck tape.
2” Thick Presentation Boards 2 $7.00 $14.00 $7.00 (The original designed called for wooden board but we thought thick sterofoam was a better solution saving time and money. If it didn't work we could always go back later and get a board.)

$189.00 $17.00

But again illness sideline my team and we put the project on hold until after the Christmas.

We were blessed with lots of new Legos that needed a home so we got right to work to keep the sorted Legos in their new proper homes. In order to get this into his room we did a complete room re-organization. We moved shelves, rebuilt beds and brought in new bedding. Once Ironhide saw the work space he just help to build there was no more design time he had to build. He said “It's like a home make over show!”

We still have to label the drawers (he didn't like the Duck tape plan) but we have one happy kid. He has been at this station everyday since it was built. He even completed a set that had missing pieces because now all he had to do is look in the color drawer.

His birthday is coming soon so we may end up expanding the work surface.

This was a blast to do and gives him a creative space.

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My name is Tiffany said...

My boys love legos. We don't have quite as many but we are well on our way. I like the organization.