Monday, November 8, 2010

Cold Rainy Days of Homeschooling

If you had asked me two years ago what were my worst days for homeschooling, I would have told you the rainy days short days of October and November. Those were days of just us, without the possibility of going outside because of the allergens in central Texas would have everyone of our gang (us included) trapped inside on some type of antibiotic or breathing treatment. The rain brought sunless days which only served to deepen the feeling of isolation and depression. It was a time of multiple doctor office visit, medication, cancelled play dates and soggy trips to the library.

Last October and November where a whirlwind of co-ops, field trips, hours spent playing outside in the crisp afternoon air and days spent watching the beautiful foliage of the Metro DC area. We were rarely at home and loved it. We became Smithsonian regulars because there was no tourist traffic and our little band of homeschoolers had the run of the place. We took cool classes about flight, visited the Senate chamber and explored Mount Vernon. Did the "schooling part" of homeschool suffer? Nope we were learning without books. Did the workbooks suffer? Oh yes, but I was assured by experienced homeschoolers in this area we would well make up the time during the cold and snowy days of December and January. Which proved to be oh so true and we did and survived two epic blizzards as well.

This October started like last year with field trips, co-ops and the like. But the difference is this year I didn't fell rushed because we had a schedule. I had a plan. There were tough days but I was confident enough to slow things down when we needed to, allowing us to focus more on the "work". It was going well, some curriculum change but still going well.

Then a medical condition that I was getting treatment for started to get off track. I was having days filled with nausea, headaches and general "ugh". I felt guilty because I felt like I should be giving more to my son, my husband and my co-op friends. However through prayer and spiritual sisterhood I started to realize I was doing exactly what I was suppose to being doing , taking care of myself.

Then my son became ill and needed to hospitalize for a short time. Praised God he is healthy and home. During the mist of his illness he ask "Why does this always happen to me? Allergies? Ear Infections? Asthma? Pneumonia? "Then he answered himself just as quick "Because stuff happens and then it's okay. Like rainy days."

So as we recover from our rainy October I ask you to pray with me for the following:

-for the health

-for guidance

-for the ability to see the rainy days as just rainy days.

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daniele @ domestic serenity said...

That's a lot going on! Praying for continued health and rest...

grace to you & yours.