Monday, August 10, 2009

Our Homeschool School Room


This is "School Room" week at Life with My 3 Boybarians . Darcy will be doing a four week Not Back to School blog hop. This gave me a personal goal to have our room put together in time to share it. We have officially been in our new home here a little over two months. Yes, there are still boxes unpacked and pictures are not on the wall but we are working slowing toward normal.

First let's start with my homeschooler planner. All the sections were pulled from Donna Young's Free Homeschool Planner as well as organization charts from Sue Patrick's Workbox System.

Each month is colored to match the files in our Five In A Row planning box.

I have printed out all the lapbook material for each book. This works because I can load up the workbox system without a marathon night before printing session. Kendall from FIAR Forums shared this great planning system last year.

We downsized with this move which has been a blessing and adjustment. You will be amazed how simple life can be with less stuff. TS desk is the right fit and can grow with him. Next to his desk are the workboxes waiting for work. We were also gifted a digital microscope that will be using on the kitchen table.

Our world map is going up this weekend in this cozy spot with the easel and library and coloring books.

We have been so incredibly blessed with this move and look forward to an exciting year of learning.


Tracy said...

We did FIAR in lapbook form many year ago! LOVED it and still go back and look through them! Have a blessed year!

Mozer said...

Oh this looks great! I like your FIAR file organization. I'll have to do something similiar.

You left a question on my blog re: clock-in cards. The set I have posted I just made myself using digital supplies, so it's not available. Sue includes a version in her ebook though. I do have Cassie's schedule cards available though, but they aren't up yet. If interested, email me.

Thanks for stopping by!

Mrs. C said...

Does that say "Me time" on the schedule!?? I want some of that!

Great system!

Nicole said...

You're so organized, great ideas!

Tammy @ Cappuccino Confessions said...

I'm just lovin' my Donna Young forms! Looks like you have a very well-ordered start to the new school year. Have a grace-filled-not-back-to-school time!

Michelle said...

Wonderful use of space!! I'm amazed at how many wonderful schoolrooms there are out there!!
Have a blessed year!

Emily said...

Your schoolroom is cute! We are doing FIAR this year for the first time. Would you mind sharing where you have found your lapbook materials. We are using vol 1 and doing a book every other week to make it last the whole school year.