Monday, June 23, 2008

SeaWorld In June

Thanks to the generosity of a co-worker of DH's we got to go SeaWorld during the middle of the week for FREE! We also got a bunch of coupons for free park food. We packed a cooler full of goodies and gassed up the van (we will not talk about that drama) headed off to SeaWorld. We got lucky and got to park on the second row in front of the park. One short stroll and we were in time for the first Shamu show of the day.

TS was not really feeling the "Splash Zone" because those fish poo in that water. Because of the small crowd, we got to ask questions of Shamu's caretakers after the show. It was a great day. Fun was had by all because we got to see all his favorite water animals.

I feel a summer unit study on sea life coming on........

As the sun set in the sky we were all tired but happy from this great adventure.

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