Tuesday, March 19, 2013

15 Goals for this Week

I have not posted goals in a long time. The primary reason is because I beat myself up when I don’t accomplished half of the goals. So I opted out but still beat myself up for not planning. Does that make sense? Well after rereading Crystal Paine’s book I realized that maybe…just maybe I am planning to do too much in one week. My type is was showing big time. This week I am going with basic goals and limiting myself to three goals per category. The primary goal this week is to access how realistic is my goal planning process. 

This week’s goals:

Family/Marriage/Mothering Goals 

1. Finish Phantom Tollbooth aloud at lunch.

2. Have a movie night with hubby and not fall asleep. 
3. Have 30 minute couch time three times this week with kiddo where we talk /read/listen to any subject of his choosing, including Star Wars. 

Personal Goals 
4. Memorize listen to Pastor’s sermon Big Dream. 
5. Complete 2 miles five times this week. 
6. Continue with the Early to Rise Challenge. 

Homeschool Goals
7. Do a complete a seven day school plan and post on blog. 
8. Schedule work on The Strange Case of Origami Yoda.
9. Establish and post March/April Calendar with all activities and play dates.

 Homemaking Goals 
10. Do a complete a seven day menu plan. 
11. Develop a Spring Cleaning/Decluttering project plan. 
12. Start T-shirt blanket. 

Business Goals 
13. Schedule co-op planning meeting.
14. Post in blog five times this week including Wordless Wednesday. 
15. Investigate how to update blog.


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