Thursday, October 27, 2011

Praise Report

So we just got back from running errands, so it is Quiet Time in house. Ironhide has the option to color, read a book or create crafts. He decides to pull out his AWANA manual just to read. Then he gets his bible to look up scripture passages they are discussing in that section because he says he wants to understand lineage of Timothy in 2 Timonthy. THEN he pulls out a notebook and starts making notes about it "kinda like the Jesse tree mom."

Just watching him sitting at the table engrossed in God's word filled my heart to bursting. All on his on...he has a love for the WORD!

I told him that it is good to understand the word and what it means, he then said that's what they learned in 2Timothy 3:15.

I try to document these days because all to often we focus on the days like earlier this week where we want to send them to their rooms until they are 18.


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