Monday, September 19, 2011

First Week of School 2011

Our first week of homeschooling is two weeks behind us. It was a good week with a field trip and learning new tools. It was not a full fledge workboxes out and six subjects week. I decided this year to keep things simple and cover the basics.

We awoke and had pancakes while discussing our day. The expectation was set with the following sign.

During the summer we started the day with breakfast while watching an hour of TV. That's right breakfast was over an hour long. An hour for breakfast is not a great way to start a homeschooling day.

Then we completed two chores and sat down at our new IKEA desk to begin our daily devotional. This desk is setup up stairs looking out a window so he has plenty of sun light and is not distracted by the kitchen, frig, TV or couches. The table is adjustable so he always has an age approiate writing surfaces. It even tilts so he have a drafting desk.

Week 1 Summary


We are disussing Luke and the story of Jesus this month.


We are using Mammoth Math. During the summer we completed at least one page everyday of math. It is easier to start back when you have been practicing all summer. The first day Ironside completed three full pages without a single prompt and was signing while doing his work. GOAL!


At his request we have been studying storms and natural disasters for the first week of science. This is because in the week before school we experienced an earthquake and the edges of Hurricane Irene. As an adult I was shaken so just imagine what a child feels with these events so close together. I used science to discuss his fears and give him pro-active plans for living through a diaster.

Our resources were:

Bill Nye -Storms

Brain Pop- Weather

Flash, Crash, Rumble and Roll (An old favorite.)

We also discussed how God has a plan, a big picture which we do not have access to but he promises it is all for our good.


Field trip to Newusem and MLK memorial.

Fine Motor

These activties were a lot of fun and a great way to get warmed up for handwriting.

  • Theraputty scavenger hunt with buttons, pearls and mini-figs.
  • Geo-Board: Stretch rubber bands over the pegs of a geo-board to make artistic designs, letters and patterns then copy the design on grid paper.
  • Whiteboard shape race while crossing the midline of your body.

Physical Education

Martial Arts

It was a good week but we did not see a lot of friends because they were either sick or still on vacation or started public school. Social time will pick up next week with the return of homeschool activties.



Sharla said...

It sounds like your first week was a good one.

Our Side of the Mountain said...

LOVE the clock rule! We do something similar here: Until school is completed, no activities or friends. (We watch very little TV or play video games.) It can be hard when homeschool friends call up in the morning, but the rules keeps us on track!

Yikes! You were doubly hit! Irene came through here, taking out the power for 2 days and a large tree branch is still resting on our garage roof and POWER LINES, waiting for removal.

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