Friday, April 23, 2010

Mom, Today Was the Best Day Ever

For the first time in weeks we did not have an appointment, a class or playdate. This was our day today:

  • Breakfast
  • Got dressed
  • Play a little indoor basketball
  • Completed science poster
  • Did a little drawing unplanned
  • Outside basketball
  • Did math
  • Lunch while talking about yesterday's fieldtrip
  • More science
  • More crayons
  • A trip for new crayons
  • Invented Lego Atlantis Training Session (nice for me to seek in a work out)
  • Quiet Time
  • Dinner prep together
  • A very silly game of Ants in The Pants
  • Family Dinner
  • Bedtime Business

A very relaxed day without rushing and we got a lot done. I did not have to redirect once. Before he went to bed he said "Mom this was the best day ever! We got to spend time together without rushing around."

Okay I get it. I too have been feeling over scheduled and rushed since the blizzard. I think it is natural reaction of being house bound for almost two weeks. As an ex-Texan I was not use to the confinement. I didn't stress during the blizzard, but as soon as the roads were plowed, we signed up for everything. It has been great but it has left us very little time to just enjoy "home education."

So I am taking next week to think about our summer and next year. Prayerfully look at what we have been doing and to what purpose. I don't want to miss this time as a family because we have been so busying "doing" the busy stuff of life.

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