Saturday, April 11, 2009

Fine Motor Work Day 20 - Lego Racer and Stomach Virus

TS awoke last week with a pretty serious tummy virus which left him completely out of it for about 24 hours. Thanks to the kindness of friends we got supplies delivered to the front door. Love Homeschool Moms!

It was a long day filled with comforting, cleaning, comforting and more cleaning.

Exactly 24 hours later I became the next victim. You can't help but hold and kiss your child when they are sick but it will come back on you. TS was feeling better by then and was just weak but ready to get back to doing something. Thank goodness I prepared for Sick/Allergy Days and bought Legos when they were on sale.

TS assembled Lego Racer for six hours! He followed the directions, combined them, invented his own and built a city. I was so tired and weak and guilt ridden (I am praying to get over that.) but proud to see him work this much with his hands.

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