Monday, March 23, 2009

FIAR: Make Way For Ducklings Lapbook & Fine Motor Skills Day 15-16

We completed "Make Way for Ducklings" earlier this month. Late one rainy night we had the following visitors in our front yard. The pond is three street over from our house so it was an adventure for them just like the book. TS was thrilled and began to write his own story of why the ducks traveled that misty evening.

During this unit study TS did most of the cutting and writing to beef up the fine motor skills.

We used word searches to help work on focus and concentration.

Another fine motor tool was cutting images out of magazines. TS loved this but he was given guidelines of which magazines were for cutting.

TS cut and assembled this duck puzzle himself. Always the beautiful individualist he varied the design by having his duck wave and giving it curly black hair. ;-)
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Sherry said...

We're looking forward to studying Make Way for Ducklings in a couple of weeks. How exciting for the ducks to wander into your yard. :)

Ann@His Grace To Me said...

I love the duck!