Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fine Motor Focus- 30 Days of Kindergarten Fine Motor Skills with Scissors

Here is the master list:

  1. Shape a Do Dot Art and cut out the picture.

  2. Cut your own snowflakes.

  3. Cut out of old magazines, clip coupons, or pieces of scrap paper. Make a collage about yourself.

  4. Tearing newspaper into strips and then crumpling them into balls. Use to stuff scarecrow art creation or other.

  5. Take a paper plate draw a spiral and cut along lines for a neat window decoration.

  6. Pick up items with tongs or tweezers-most picking up blocks, cotton balls, & small toys.

  7. Play with squeeze toys or items such as water bottles, squeezing play-dough or water out of a sponge.

  8. Make confetti!! Using single hole punches or hole punches that make different shapes (stars, hearts, etc.).

  9. Cut different textures such as different grades of sandpaper, foil and/or rice paper. Make a chart from smooth to rough.

  10. Simple Scissor Practice

  11. Tear pieces of paper to create a picture with torn paper.

  12. Use clothespins to hang pictures. This works on the concept of squeezing and releasing.

  13. Us Playdough garlic presses to make tool. This will help strengthen their hands for scissor use.

  14. Try gluing pieces of thin cardboard to either side of a piece of construction paper, leaving about an inch or two of space down the middle. Then encourage the child to cut between the two pieces. The resulting pieces can be made into a craft activity--butterflies, airplanes, etc.

  15. Snip smaller piece of paper.

  16. Cut playdough

  17. Tissue Paper Scrunch and Glue

  18. Clothpin Color Matching Strip

  19. Nuts and Bolts

  20. Cookie Cutter Name Stamping

  21. Pom Pom Sorting Bags

  22. Craft Scissors

  23. Rolling play dough into tiny balls (peas) using only the finger tips.

  24. Using pegs or toothpicks to make designs in play dough.

  25. Cutting play dough with a plastic knife or with a pizza wheel by holding the implement in a diagonal volar grasp.

  26. Scrunching up 1 sheet of newspaper in one hand. This is a super strength builder.

  27. Using small-sized screwdrivers like those found in an erector set.

  28. Lacing and sewing activities such as stringing beads, Cheerios, macaroni, etc.

  29. Using eye droppers to "pick up" colored water for color mixing or to make artistic designs on paper.

  30. Rolling small balls out of tissue paper, then gluing the balls onto construction paper to form pictures or designs.

  31. Turning over cards, coins, checkers, or buttons, without bringing them to the edge of the table.

  32. Playing games with the "puppet fingers" -the thumb, index, and middle fingers. At circle time have each child's puppet fingers tell about what happened over the weekend, or use them in songs and finger plays.


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Ann@His Grace To Me said...

I'm watching these posts with great interest- Butterbean will be ready for some of these activites soon.